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Data Center Industry Event in Romania


Cloud, IoT, BigData, Artificial Intelligence, digitalisation, robotization are a few key concepts that define The fourth industrial revolution also known as Industry 4.0. The Industry 4.0. became a buzzword in the Germany’s economic strategy landscape and was defined by Angela Merkel…read more

Although power cuts are a common phenomenon in Romania, the affected organizations have vague estimates of losses. A simple calculation of the cost of missed business opportunities and the number of unsatisfiedcustomers, would fully justify investing in a powerful Power Backup solution…read more


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The latest technology and trends in Data Centers, Mobility, Modularity, Pre-Manufacture, Downsizing, Efficiency.


Interactions with professionals in the field, with Data Center Managers, owners, investors, public sector specialists, IT and data center integrators and operators.


An informal final part of the event, socializing, music and a glass of wine. Only by invitation.

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Thursday, May 10th, Willbrook Platinum Center




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May 10, 2018

Willbrook Platinum Center

Șoseaua București-Ploiești 172-176

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Ștefan Taciuc

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Ștefania Ștefan

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About Tema Energy

Tema Energy is a privately owned company founded in 2002. We are a company with an entrepreneurial culture and with a rich experience in power back-up and electro-mechanical system integration solutions, both in Romania and in the South-Eastern Europe.

Tema Energy is one of the best known full service providers of power supply equipment in Romania. We are one of the most experienced Data Center and Power Supply system integrators aimed at industrial and critical consumers.

Our range of Equipment consists of Generators, UPSs, batteries, VRLA, Rectifiers, as well as other systems integrated into our solutions: Professional climate control, Fire detection and extinguishing, IT Containers, DCIM, etc.

Our solutions are particuarly geared towards the business-to-business (B2B) segment: industrial, IT, telecom, medical, office buildings, construction.


DataCenter Forum 2018, a technology marathon reserved for professionals

  • Over 350 participants;
    • 13 exhibitors among the big names of the data center industry;
    • 14 workshops and debating sessions;
    • Representatives of key organizations involved in regulating and certifying Data Centers.

This is a biref review of the second edition of the DataCenter Forum 2018, an event organized on May 10 by Tema Energy, together with its local and international partners.

“The success of the previous edition has confirmed that the local data center market needs an event such as the DataCenter Forum, which will help create and strengthen a community of specialists,” said Mihail Manole, CEO of Tema Energy.

The second edition of the DataCenter Forum did not focus only on debates and networking, but brought to the audience a lot of technology, both news and concrete solutions already validated by the market. Among the solutions that were presented could in the exhibition area was the Mobile Data Center designed and built especially for this event by Tema Energy specialists, a fully equipped and functional center where visitors were given the chance to test a Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring  platform, soon to be launched.

This year also, to fully cover the data centers topic, among the partners invited at DataCenter Forum were two worldwide recognised professional organizations, Uptime Institute and, for the first time in Romania BICSI. The representatives of the two organizations participated alongside Cristian Cucu, CIO of Government of Romania, and Mihai Manole, Tema Energy CEO, in an interactive debate at the beginning of the event, where the main trends in the field of data center industry were analyzed.

The shift from evolution to concrete answers and the problems faced by Data Centers and Data Rooms in Romania was made during the presentation sessions and at the exhibition stands by specialists of APC, Cummins, Fortinet, Hoppecke, Leoch, Nexans, Pyralis, Riello, Rittal, R&M, Uniline and Vertiv. The products presented at the DataCenter Forum 2018 covered an extended technology palette, which included standardized and prefabricated solutions for modular data centers and Micro-Data Centers, up to power-supply, power backup and fire-fighting systems.

In order to provide the audience with a full picture of the topic of data center standardization, it was approached not only from BICSI’s perspective, represented by Miodrag Kovanovic, but also from  the perspective of the major players in the market, such as Rittal or APC, who highlighted the practical advantages of complying with the regulations in force.

Another topic tackled both in the initial debate and in the session held by Scott Roots, who presented the results of the 8th edition of the Uptime Institute annual study, was the shortage of data center industry specialists. The phenomenon, which is beginning to affect the data centers in Romania, is fueled by the growth of the average age of the workforce, but also the rapid evolution of technologies and standards in this field, which requires the continuous development of new competencies.

A task that the organizers of the DataCenter Forum 2018 assume openly, as Mihai Manole explained: “For the second consecutive year, we brought to the audience not only new solutions and technologies, but also news in the field of regulation and certification of data centers . The responses we receive from specialists, operators, managers and developers of data centers and critical infrastructure show that the market needs such complete approaches and gives us hope that the DataCenter Forum is beginning to be a landmark for the local industry. ”