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DataCenter Forum 2017, the event organized by Tema Energy together with its local and international partners, recorded an audience of more than 400 data center specialists at its first edition. Built on an interactive structure that included 14 sessions of debates, presentations and workshops, as well as an extensive exhibition and networking space in which companies like APC by Schneider, ENERIA, Hoppecke, Leoch, Nexans, Pyralis, Riello, Rittal, Uniline TCS, Vertiv, etc. presented their products, the event also marked the first official presence of the Uptime Institute, a national premiere.


We expect you to attend the DataCenter Forum, on May 11th, at Crowne Plaza Bucharest, an event full of unique information opportunities, documentation and networking. The event combines the exposition area with technical presentations and workshops which are premiered nationally. Which are the main reasons for which attending DataCenter 2017 is necessary for any professional in this field?


15 system producers and suppliers are showing products and solutions at the DataCenter Forum 2017. Thus, you will have the opportunity to do an extended documentation on a single day, as well as to evaluate „live” some technologies that are difficult to find outside the exhibition. In addition, you will gain access to an extended session of presentations and workshops that will help you identify and adopt the best solutions.


Providing availability and quality of services 24x7 represents "Priority 0" of any Data Center. This entails a continuous optimization effort of management processes and increases the operational efficiency. For the first time in Romania, Uptime Institute specialists shall present during Data Center Forum 2017, an extended series of good practices, developed based on the experience of over two decades of evaluation and certification of data centers.


How will you future Data Centers look like? Specialists say that until the end of the decade, we shall assist a major architecture and physical infrastructure change, as a response to the increased scalability requirements, availability and reduction of operating costs. The final result shall be a new entity, both in shape and functionalities, incorporating mature technologies considered innovative today.


For best information solutions and direct contact with equipment and solutions, Tema Energy will organize a one day event, exclusively dedicated to professionals and technologies from the data center field. Therefore, you are expected at Data Center Forum, on May 11th at Crowne Plaza Bucharest. Stay connected to the event through the associated site


“Bigger! Better! Faster!” is the basic formula for establishing the company requirements for the IT service providers, internal or external. In case of data centers, the “mantra” is translated by: more processing power, more storage, more band width. All without affecting availability and security levels. And, especially, without affecting the energetic efficiency.