Data Centers the trailblazers of Industry 4.0

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Data Centers the trailblazers of Industry 4.0

16 April 2018 | dcf | News

Cloud, IoT, BigData, Artificial Intelligence, digitalisation, robotization are a few key concepts that define The fourth industrial revolution also known as Industry 4.0. The Industry 4.0. became a buzzword in the Germany’s economic strategy landscape and was defined by Angela Merkel as  “…the fusion of the online world and the world of industrial production”, Industry 4.0. will yeld a return of over 4tn dollars by 2020 according to KPMG. Under the pressure of the release of this new technologies, Data Centers are in a continuous transformation to meet the demands and the best price-performance ratio. Even though the Romania’s Economy is far left behind in this industrial revolution, the general trends in the Data Center industry are reflected in various forms on the local market as well.

Here are the main directions:

Ongoing refinement of Gen 4 Data Centers. Known as “EdgeCore”, Gen 4 Data centers have a smaller footprint, nevertheless much more user friendly and are forming networks.

The development of architectural innovations will provide real-time scalability and increased efficiency as well as optimized operational costs due to the modular structure. They will also integrate optimized cooling solutions, high-density, Lithium-Ion batteries, etc.

Colocation services are becoming more appealing to cloud providers. As market demand increases rapidly, cloud providers  don’t have enough time to build new facilities. Moreover, some of the cloud providers are not considering Data Center Operations amongst their core competencies, thus colocation in modern and performing Data Centers enables them to focus on developing new services and increasing market share, especially that cloud sales will exceed 33 bn USD.

High-density it’s here. The Data Center Community raves about this subject for some years now, but as the volume of data in geometric progression increases, the IT resources currently available will become insufficient. The industry will increasingly focus on increasing density rather than expanding the surface of server rooms.

Operators will give up on low-power racks as they embrace maximum power and cooling technologies. Although the 10 KW / rack density remains the standard, the 15KW / rack becomes more and more widespread, and the more powerful operators turn to 25KW / rack, motivated by the introduction of hyperconvergent IT systems and software solutions.

Fast response to business requirements. The ability to quickly launch a product or service becomes a real competitive advantage for many companies, and the IT infrastructure must support this. Mobile Data Centers represent, for many organizations, the fastest solution for expanding processing power. Implementation time can reach 1-2 months, and PUE – at values ​​of 1.25-1.07. Applicability is widespread, not only in the private sector, but also in public administration, including amongst organizations from the defense and security sector.

All four of these trends are also found on the local market. From smart phones to stand-alone vehicles, the new digital economy is based on data and information that needs to be stored, processed, secured with a 24/7 availability. Can you imagine these processes without a state-of-the-art Data Center? Participate in the DataCenter Forum 2018 edition to stay abreast of trends in industry and to get in touch with the most renowned specialists.