Discover now what technologies the attending companies are displaying at DataCenter Forum!

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Discover now what technologies the attending companies are displaying at DataCenter Forum!

24 April 2017 | dcf | News

15 system producers and suppliers are showing products and solutions at the DataCenter Forum 2017. Thus, you will have the opportunity to do an extended documentation on a single day, as well as to evaluate „live” some technologies that are difficult to find outside the exhibition. In addition, you will gain access to an extended session of presentations and workshops that will help you identify and adopt the best solutions.

The following companies have already confirmed their presence at the market stalls of DataCenter Forum 2017:

  • APC by Schneider Electric, which will present in the exhibition and the interactive session the management solution of the infrastructure of StruxureWare centre data, a scannable vendor-neutral DCIM system for monitoring the physical infrastructure in real time.
  • NEXANS will present in detail the advantages of the new generations of the structured cabling systems dedicated to the data centers, exemplified on Rack 42U in the exhibition, and fitted with Patch Panels of copper and fiber networks.
  • RITTAL will present solutions for the increase of the physical protection level of IT equipment and the increase of the data camera security, will be seen in action in a demonstrative lorry that will integrate more TS-IT rack models, control panels, distribution cabinets and cooling units.
  • VERTIV will come to the DataCenter Forum 2017 with a new generation of cooling equipment that have advanced capabilities regarding the area of “precision cooling”, which will be “live” demonstrated at the stall using an air conditioning equipment, as well as a modular UPS.
  • RIELLO  will bring to the event organized by Tema Energy the best solutions for the power-backup, presenting at the stall in stand UPS equipment, which has a new generation “transformerless” design from din MST variety of 200 kVA.
  • HOPPECKE will present a battery selection practical handbook for battery selection for power-backup equipment, exemplified on the modular rack with an accumulator brought to the stall.
  • ENERIA – CAT will illustrate the capabilities of the new power supply solutions fron the Caterpillar portfolio, two high-performance gensets and an inverter ATS being presented in the exhibition.
  • LEOCH will analyze the way in which the choice of efficient battery influences the backup solutions, presenting in the exhibition the new model of VRLA battery of the company portfolio.
  • PYRALIS will show in the exhibition the detection and fire extinction with special solutions conceived for data centers, and exemplified at the stall with a smoke detection system through aspiration and hybrid extinction Novec 1230 agent.
  • The Stall Carrier & Toshiba will present the competitive advantages of HVAC Toshiba and Carrier equipment, practically demonstrated with the help the Toshiba two air conditioning model units brought to the exhibition.

At the stall of DataCenter Forum 2017 The will be presented the companies  UNILINE (structure cabling system and a 42U rack with Patch Panels of copper and fiber network, and active IT equipment) , Mitsubishi (a Mitsubishi Electric- PKA- RP71KAL equipment) and the company Uniflair by Schneider Electric (a system of floating floor, Data Center type).

Tema Energy will present, for the first time, a Data Center Mobil specially designed and produced for this event that will integrate the newest and most efficient air-conditioning technologies, UPS, monitoring, fire detection and extinction or access control.

The most important local event of the Data Center industry will also include, for the first time ever in Romania, 2 workshops held by the Up time Institute specialists – the best known standard and certification body of Data Center area, which will present the digitization and remodeling tendencies of the modern Data Centers, as well as the practical means of increasing the operational efficiency in the data centers.

DataCenter Forum 2017 addresses to the professionals, operators, and investors of the data centers, to which the possibility to find out the newest and the most performing nowadays solutions is offered, as well as the opportunity to see at work and to directly interact with the suppliers and the system integrators. At the same time, the event represents a chance of networking for the actors of Data Center field, from which you can benefit registering on the site . The attendance of this event is free of charge.