Register now for the first workshop Uptime Institute organized in Romania

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Register now for the first workshop Uptime Institute organized in Romania

13 April 2017 | dcf | News

Providing availability and quality of services 24×7 represents “Priority 0” of any Data Center. This entails a continuous optimization effort of management processes and increases the operational efficiency. For the first time in Romania, Uptime Institute specialists shall present during Data Center Forum 2017, an extended series of good practices, developed based on the experience of over two decades of evaluation and certification of data centers.

The Workshop “Data Center Management & Operations Best Practice” run by the Uptime Institute representatives provide the attendees to the Data Center Forum 2017 event the possibility to evaluate the operational efficiency related to the highest standards in this field. With an experience of over 24 years in evaluating data centers and with almost 900 certified Data Centers in 83 countries, Uptime Institute currently represents the authority in this field. Globally appreciated for creating and developing the Tier Classification & Certifications system, which became a de facto standard in the industry, the organization delivers advisory services allowing data centers to reach their performance objectives and reduce the risks. The expertise and know-how gathered by the Uptime Institute specialists cover the entire life cycle of a Data Center, from the design and building steps, up to the strategic operation and development ones, responding to the most demanding requirements of availability and efficiency.

The approach promoted by Uptime Institute is based on the recognition of each data center uniqueness, at an architectural level, as well as operational management processes. As independent consultant, the organization does not recommend adopting certain specific technologies or compliance of certain design criteria, but evaluates the entire assembly through availability, redundancy and efficiency used to respond to data centers operators requirements and expectation, but also their final clients’.

Access to international expertise

Reaching a higher performance in operating and managing a Data Center is difficult to achieve only through an auto-evaluation process. But data centers represent, by definition, a closed ecosystem, protected against any external interference. Which cancels from the beginning the possibility of a comparative analysis.

But not for the Uptime Institute specialists who, providing advisory services for hundreds of Data Centers in the entire world, could evaluate and analyze the most effective methods over 20 years. Which they synthesized in sets of procedures and good practices you will soon acknowledge directly, for the first time in Romania, during the Data Center Forum 2017 event.

Do not miss the opportunity to find out what practical solutions Uptime Institute recommends and how they can cover the specific requirements of the data center you operate or you consider to open and attend the event organized on May 11th, at Crowne Plaza Bucharest.

The event organizer is the company Tema Energy, leader in Romania in the design and key-establishment of Data Centers and mobile Data Centers.

Free entrance based on registering on the website