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DataCenter Forum 2017: Results above expectations

DataCenter Forum 2017: Results above expectations

DataCenter Forum 2017, the event organized by Tema Energy together with its local and international partners, recorded an audience of more than 400 data center specialists at its first edition. Built on an interactive structure that included 14 sessions of debates, presentations and workshops, as well as an extensive exhibition and networking space in which companies like APC by Schneider, ENERIA, Hoppecke, Leoch, Nexans, Pyralis, Riello, Rittal, Uniline TCS, Vertiv, etc. presented their products, the event also marked the first official presence of the Uptime Institute, a national premiere.

“The development of the local data center market and the maturity level reached by their customers make the DataCenter Forum an initiative not only welcome but especially necessary. Such an event was needed to bring together the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, systems and technologies dedicated to data centers and the Data Center and critical infrastructure specialists, operators, managers and developers in Romania. And the success of this first edition of the DataCenter Forum is confirmed by the large number of participants and exhibitors and by the “caliber” of partners who have supported Tema Energy initiatives, including APC, Vertiv, Nexans, Caterpillar, Rittal and others of this magnitude”, said Mihai Manole, Tema Energy Director, at the end of the event.

“Hot” Outlooks

The opinion above is further confirmed by the “hot” statements given by the participants to the first edition of the event:

“Our presence in Romania is a premiere for the Uptime Institute, and the quality of the Tema Energy event and of our interactions was beyond expectations. We hosted two workshops within the forum, which addressed the main challenges of the data center industry, as well as a series of certifications tailored to the specifications of the Romanian market. I am sure that our presence at the DataCenter Forum helped local data centers find solutions to improve their operational efficiency.”

Scott Roots, Business Development Director, Uptime Institute EMEA

“The DataCenter Forum 2017 was an excellent opportunity for solution vendors to present their latest technologies and get in touch with the market. Nexans presented state-of-the-art solutions dedicated to new technologies in the area of structured cabling and fiber optics both during the exhibition and during the workshop sessions.”

Silviu Ardeleanu, Business Development Manager Balkan Area, Nexans Cabling Solutions

“Data is currently the most important resource for companies, and data centers must have the ability to protect their integrity and availability at the highest levels. The Tema Energy event provided us with the opportunity to present the most advanced power supply solutions in the ENERIA portfolio.”

Mathias Ranson, Director, Eneria CAT Romania

“We were pleased to note the high interest of the participants in the Vertiv solutions presented in the exhibition space at the DataCenter Forum 2017. Our presentation focused on new data center cooling technologies, which could be seen at work in the mobile Data Center exposed by Tema Energy.”

Liviu Ploesteanu, Sales Manager, Thermal Management Romania and Moldova Vertiv

“We have been able to bring the Rittal demo bus to the DataCenter Forum 2017, for the first time in Romania, which integrates the latest solutions of energy management, high precision cooling, physical security, etc. I consider such an event necessary because the market is evolving rapidly and the data centers need scalable solutions to meet new requirements.”

Marius Totolici, IT Project Manager, Rittal

“We presented during this first edition of the DataCenter Forum a practical battery selection guide for power-backup equipment, exemplified on the modular rack with batteries brought to the stand. We enjoyed the increased interest of the local market for the high quality and efficient solutions provided by Hoppecke.”

Thomas Selzer, Sales Manager BU Reserve Power Central Europe, Hoppecke

“Tema Energy’s initiative to organize such an event has been well received by the market right from the start. Pyralis introduced a suction fire detection system, a standard inert gas extinguishing solution, as well as a hybrid fire extinguishing system by total flooding with Novec 1230.”

Mihai Sintie, Business Development Manager, Pyralis

“The DataCenter Forum 2017 was the optimal opportunity to interact directly with current and future customers, to strengthen relations with the local APC partners, and to present the latest data center infrastructure management solutions. I hope that the future editions of the Tema Energy event will enjoy the same success.”

Marcis Randa, Software Sales Manager Data Center Software Solutions, APC

“DataCenter Forum has been a success starting with its first edition, and Tema Energy managed to organize the event very well. I have especially appreciated the presence of the Uptime Institute representatives who provided a series of useful information. I look forward to the next edition of the event.”

Alecsandru Neacsu, Operations and Maintenance Manager, GTS Telecom

These expectations are justified and confirmed by Mihai Manole, CEO of Tema Energy:

“DataCenter Forum 2017 has been an excellent opportunity to celebrate the 15 years of activity of our company, but we want to duplicate this initiative at an ever increasing level in the coming years.”
So we will be waiting to see you again in a year, at the DataCenter Forum 2018.