You want to understand what solutions increase the efficiency of your data center? Don’t miss the Data Center Forum 2017!

“Bigger! Better! Faster!” is the basic formula for establishing the company requirements for the IT service providers, internal or external. In case of data centers, the “mantra” is translated by: more processing power, more storage, more band width. All without affecting availability and security levels. And, especially, without affecting the energetic efficiency.

These are perfectly legist expectations. But their compliance increases the loading level of the data centers infrastructure, management consumption and costs. And as predictive an IT architect might be and as many extra-provisioning measures he might take, the development potential of a Data Center is still limited.

Functional but efficient

During the last years, numerous centers with rigid infrastructures and low energetic efficiency reached the limit of physical extension and can no longer keep up to changes and new requirements of business processes. There are tens of such over-crowded Data Centers with electrical energy distribution centers and patch-panels which no longer keep up with the increase of energetic density and and cooling needs, with limited connectivity capacities and low efficiency security solutions.

But which continue to operate. Because the organizations owning and operating them fail to drop them because they consistently invested in them and are not ready to change the operating model. Or because they operate “legacy” models which conversion is difficult, expensive – especially! – risky and have security and conformity requirements  limiting the possibility to migrate data and application in the Cloud. And especially because less companies afford to erase everything and rebuild a data center from scratch. Most of them consistently adapt to change.

Chance for survival

Even though it seems contradictive in the context of general adoption of Cloud, there is a “hope” also for companies which don’t want or cannot give up their own Data Centers. Technology constantly develops new, innovating solutions.

Gartner specialists, for example, recommend to organizations willing to amend centers’ energetic efficiency to invest mainly in developing immediate requirements. To focus on improving performance and on strategies of incrementing development, to monitor the energetic consumption and operational efficiency, to select and implement technologies, products and services providing an increased agility and to improve the availability level and physical and information security. These are pertinent recommendations, entailing either advanced internal competencies, or the services of system integrators in the Data Center area, with specialists and best practices checked in practice.

Physical limitation aren’t surmountable either. They can be solved, for example, through collocation service providers, which are the main increase vector on the data centers building market (+22% per year). Or by quick extensions – in less than half of the time necessary for a center to become operational – using micro-Data Center architectures or container data centers, with modular infrastructures, prefabricated (another market segment increased annually by 20%).

To value such opportunities it needs for the decision to be made with full knowledge, not only to understand the benefits, but also the challenges of a new technology.

Stay in touch with the industry innovations!

Data Center Forum 2017 provides viable responses to this challenge set, the expo-conference being one of the reference events of data centers industry from Romania. The event organized by Tema Energy, the local market leader for key-Data Centers design and performance, reunites the most important providers of electro-supply, ventilation, power back-up, security and communication solutions on the local market, the newest products being operated in the special display area of Crowne Plaza.

The event organized by Tema Energy ensures the possibility to relate to suppliers and integrators of systems for finding out directly how correct they can respond to promoted solutions and needs.

For the first time on the local market, Data Center Forum 2017 shall also include a workshop themed “Operation Management Best Practices”, run by Uptime Institute USA, the largest global certification organization  for data centers and specialists in this field.

Register at to benefit from attending the event developed on May 11th, 2017 at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Bucharest.